Colorado Skeptics Society


Do you live in Colorado?

Are you somebody who doesn’t believe in ghosts, UFOs, or Big Foot?

Have you had enough of psychics and astrologers? Or hearing people talk about their “spirit guides?”

Are you fed up with being told you can cure your cough or your headache by eating raw garlic and rubbing tea tree oil on your feet?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then look no further.

The Colorado Skeptics Society is a community of science enthusiasts dedicated to dedicated to examining extraordinary claims, promoting critical analysis and addressing pseudoscience in Colorado. We have chapters in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

We are a group of people who find beauty in science and truth in the scientific method.

Our monthly discussions include, but are not limited to, topics such as:

• logical explanations for paranormal phenomena,

• the real facts behind urban legends,

• the harm of using alternative medicine instead of real medicine,

• the benefits of vaccines,

• the myth of organic food,

• and why people reject science in favor of continuing to believe weird things.

We examine how to make better decisions by looking at evidence rather than personal experiences and popular beliefs.

Join us…won’t you?

Examining extraordinary claims and pseudoscience in Colorado